We are proud to say the Mantalon is made out of only three material components – 100% organic cotton flannel, recycled olive wood buttons (The Classic) or bio-resin buttons (The Lite), and a rubber band.

That's all!

This makes the Mantalon fully recycable, sustainable and highly eco-friendly. Keeping you stylish and your conscience squeaky clean ;)

The Mantalon was designed to fit every body. We invented a special buttoning system, by which combining the different buttons and buttonholes you can perfectly adapt the Mantalon to your body. Not to mention, all of our sizes have the same length.

Check out our detailed male and female size guides and also the differences between our Mantalon Classic and our new addition The Mantalon Lite - you only need to roughly know your waist measurements to know which size will fit you best.

Style tip: the Mantalon looks great with the hem rolled up too!

Literally any occasion! It's comfortable enough to hang out on your sofa to watch a movie and elegant enough to wear to a meeting, go on a date or be the star of the party!

Glad you asked! Mantalon is basically the pant to end all other pants in your wardrobe. Comfortable, stylish, adaptable, soft and sustainable, you can wear your Mantalon 24/7 without ever worrying about your outfit again – that’s one decision less to take every morning!

Inspired by Steve Job’s philosophy of having a daily uniform to leave more space in your mind for other creative endeavors, the Mantalon is THE garment that all entrepreneurs, creatives, scientists and any professional needs to make their everyday life easier :)

We want to offer the best quality and fit and for that it is important to adapt our product to account for anatomical differences.

The fold changes direction for each gender as is typical in tailored clothing. The crotch depth is higher on the female model than the male. The ankle circumference is wider in the male model. The male model is also longer than the female.

Being conscious of these differences, feel free to choose whichever measurements suit your body best, regardless of gender!

More than 5 colors in two styles!

The Mantalon Classic (our first child)

  • Smooth Navy
  • Pinstripe Grey- cream
  • Pinstripe Grey- anthracite
  • Pinstripe Anthracite
  • Smooth anthracite 
  • Double pinstripe navy 

The Mantalon Lite (our new baby)

  • Smooth Navy
  • Pinstripe grey- cream
  • Pinstripe Anthracite
  • Smooth anthracite


We ship worldwide! Get your Mantalon from pretty much everywhere in the world and join our tribe of comfort from wherever you are!

If you live within Spain, your order would take approximately take 1-4 working days to arrive after it leaves our warehouse.

For all other countries, your order can take approximately 10-15 working days to arrive after it leaves our warehouse.

We don't accept exchanges, but don't worry! We offer a 30-day return policy, just send us an email at and we'll get it all sorted.

Please take note that if the Mantalon was received in perfect conditions you must pay the corresponding shipping fee when sending the product back to us. However, if the Mantalon you received was damaged or the wrong size/color we will cover the return shipping fees


Although they are made of the same material (organic cotton), the differences are in some of the sizes, lengths and other characteristics.

Last year, we asked for your feedback and suggestions on how to improve and brand + our groundbreaking product and with your help we were able to develop the Mantalon Lite to better meet your needs. 

The Mantalon Lite stands out above all for:

Faster Fastening, Expanded Size Range, More Durable Buttons, Broader Back Pockets, More Form Hugging: the Mantalon Lite is less baggy compared to the Mantalon Classic

Thus, the Mantalon Classic is a a more baggy version, while the Mantalon Lite is a more form fitting version.

A Re-Imagened version of the Mantalon, the Lite is a sleeker and more streamlined Mantalon. Its reduced fabric, provides a slimmer fit while maintaining the iconic fold, the sensation of softness and comfort we all look for. Important to let you know that the Mantalon Lite colors are among the bestsellers Mantalon Classic models as well. :)

The length between the Mantalon Classic and Lite varies between men and women by 4-5cm.

  • Men's Classic Shawl: Length 110cm 
  • Women's Classic Shawl: 100cm 
  • Men's Lite Shawl: Length 105cm 
  • Women's Lite Shawl: 96cm

The sizes of our products have a slight difference: 

  • The Mantalon Classic fits 3 sizes 
  • Mantalon Lite fits 2 sizes, this guarantees a better fit.

Check out our detailed male and female size guides on each product page - you only need to roughly know your waist measurements to know which size will fit you best.

Due to our commitment to creating sustainable and stylish trousers, we conceptualised an on-demand strategy to minimise our waste. Every time we release a new product, we will hold a pre-sale in order for us to produce only what is on-demand. 

Our 3 stages for this drop are as follow: 

  • Super Early Bird drop offers a 30% discount until March 6, 2023
  • Early Bird drop offers a 20% discount from March 7 until March 16, 2023
  • Standard Price from the 17th of March onwards :)

3rd week of March, because we will need to receive the super early and early bird orders in order to produce only what has been ordered :). The conditions and shipping times depending on the area, you can find in the "Orders" FAQ...

  • More Durable Buttons: the Mantalon now has an interior cut that decreases the strain on its buttons.
  • Broader Back Pockets: we’ve adjusted the design of the back pockets to have more space and for easier access.
  • More Form Hugging: the Mantalon Lite is less baggy compared to the Mantalon Classic
  • Expanded Size Range: we’ve rethought our sizing chart and now your Mantalon will fit you better than ever.
  • Faster Fastening: by keeping just the buttons and omiting the straps putting on your Mantalon is now easier than ever.

All in all, the perfect pair of trousers for a daily use.

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