• Avoid shrinkage and keep your Mantalon fitting perfectly
    1. Your Mantalon is made from fabric that has 0 chemicals, so make sure that you wash it either by hand or on a delicate setting at a max temperature of 40° Celsius/105° Fahrenheit. More details on washing can be found on the label of your Mantalon so make sure to read it before washing!

      • Slow fashion is made possible by good preservation methods
        1. Ensure that your detergent doesn’t contain any corrosive chemicals such as surfactants, synthetic fragrances, phosphates and the like. These chemicals break down the fibers of your Mantalon, which makes tearing more likely. We recommend washing with a milder detergent or detergent that is specially suitable for organic cotton.

          • Don’t fear wrinkles ever again
            1. Organic cotton is likely to crease because it hasn’t been treated with any anti-wrinkle chemicals. But, we all know that creases are not pleasing to see, so we recommend you use a steamer, an iron with a steam setting or to iron your Mantalon at a low heat while it is still damp from the wash.

              • Avoid color staining in the wash to keep your Mantalon looking fresh
                1. Much like any light piece of clothing your Mantalon is susceptible to being stained, especially for your Mantalons that come in lighter color ways (Pinstripe Anthracite & Pinstripe Grey Cream). In order to avoid staining them, it would be best to wash these lighter shades with your whites.