The secret lies in its fully adaptable, multi-size waistband, thanks to its fastening system made up of a series of buttons and buttonholes that, depending on the position, adjust to 2 different sizes.

    For extra comfort and support we have a gathered waistband with elastic rubber, which helps to keep the garment soft and firmly perched on your hips.

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    Classic Male

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We ship worldwide! Get your Mantalon from pretty much everywhere in the world and join our tribe of comfort from wherever you are!

If you live within Spain,your order would take approximately take 1-4 working days to arrive after it leaves our warehouse.

For all other countries,your order can take approximately 10-15 working days to arrive after it leaves our warehouse.

We want to offer the best quality and fit and for that it is important to adapt our product to account for anatomical differences.

The fold changes direction for each gender as is typical in tailored clothing. The crotch depth is higher on the female model than the male. The ankle circumference is wider in the male model. The male model is also longer than the female.

Being conscious of these differences, feel free to choose whichever measurements suit your body best, regardless of gender!